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Our technical staff training strategies correspond to the applicable areas of technology. This ensures that your JMI representative has a complete understanding of “dual” qualification on all the mechanical, electrical and electronic components of your equipment as it relates to inspection, maintenance and calibration of your machines. JMI takes pride in our qualification for all service technicians.

In addition, the JMI IT Department recognize that, whilst all companies rely to some degree on document management software, document management software is not their business and like other services it is more efficient for them to bring in specialists to address their software needs than it is for them to develop and retain their own software expertise.

This is why we have developed a competent IT staff and IT-savvy users, who are committed to provide excellence in Document Management Solutions and services that will facilitate the vision, objectives and goals of JMI.

JMI’S IT Department is recognized as providing leading edge Document Management solutions, services and high customer satisfaction.

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