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Microfilm, Document & Cheque Scanners

Maverick Batch Encoders M570

The Maverick MICR V series encoder enables you to batch or proof items at 60 documents per minute. Retailers can pre-encode the dollar amount and maximize check processing savings. Each MICR V comes with a pre-programmed application or you can build your own application with menu selectable parameters right through the keyboard. The unit provides you a flexible upgrade path which allows you to autofeed, encode, endorse, image, and sort all in a single pass.

Maverick M-570 Check Encoder Specifications:

  • Dimensions: 12"(W) x 18"(D) x 6"(H)
  • Weight: 11.25 lbs.
  • Keyboard: 39 keys with 45 programmable function keys
  • Display: 20 character, 2-line, alphanumeric, dot matrix,backlit LCD
  • Printer: 24 column, dot matrix
  • MICR Ribbon: 039-49015-1 - cartridge with average yield of 100,000+
  • Print Hammer: average yield of 65 million impressions
  • Power: 120/240 VAC(autoswitchable), 50/60Hz
  • Standard Interface Port: RS232
  • Interface Port Options: RS232C, RS422, RS485, TTL, 20ma Current Loop
  • Font: E13B

Maverick Batch Encoders M425

With a Maverick MICR IV series encoder. The MICR IV is perfect for financial institutions, merchants, and retailers. Financial Institutions who want to create, repair, or to clear checks, will find the MICR IV series invaluable due to its speed and convenience. Merchants and Retailers who encode checks prior to deposit will benefit from being able to bypass bank proof processing, eliminate proof fees, reduce float, and make their funds available sooner.

Maverick's MICR IV series encoders are available in both P.C. driven and standalone configurations. This popular unit has been interfaced by most P.C. application providers and can be easily interfaced to your own application. Or, select our TR-4000 standalone configuration, which has dozens of applications designed to fit your needs.

The encoder features a state of the art high speed CPU technology, encodes at speeds up to 60 documents per minute, an integrated autofeeder (250-300 hopper capacity), and has the smallest footprint in the industry. It is a worldwide favorite.

The MICR IV can also be configured with an optional integrated rear inkjet endorser. The rear inkjet prints endorsements, which meet Regulation CC requirements on the fly as you encode. The library can store multiple endorsements that can be accessed through the keyboard.


  • Exception Field Encode
  • Full Field Encode
  • Repeat Encode
  • Acct. # CDV/CDG
  • Printer: 24 column, dot matrix
  • Proof of Deposit
  • Batch Recall
  • Cash Settlement System
  • Register/Teller Totals
  • Clean Batch Listings
  • Calculator Mode

UScan UF-Series

The UScan UF-Series embodies economy of scale with its ability to read, scan, print, email and save images from roll microfilm, microfiche, microcards, aperture cards and photographic materials. Taking the place of four separate scanners and incorporating the production-level technology that has raised Crowley’s Wicks and Wilson and Mekel Technology brands to premier status in the archive industry, the UF-Series design and multiple-use functions create an ideal unit for public access, walk-up patron and light preservation use. Scans in color, grayscale and bi-tonal.


  • Speeds of up to 1600 images per minute whether scanning grayscale, bi-tonal or dual grayscale/bi-tonal
  • Direct path imaging camera, film and light source engineered in-line to enable up to 750 true optical dpi resolution
  • 12-bit camera with 12288 pixel array and new precision lens for unrivaled tonality, depth of field and resolution (MACH12 only)
  • Standard 1,000’ adapter, high-speed rewind and film cleaning rollers
  • Real-time image sharpening and enhancement done in hardware