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Money and Coin Counter/Sorter

De La Rue Cobra

Leading cash handling organisations recognise the need to continuously improve every area of their workflow in pursuit of improved security, productivity and performance.

Central and commercial banks, armoured carriers and other bulk cash processors are under pressure to achieve greater operating efficiencies by improving or replacing existing practices. Customers are demanding faster turnaround times for cash deposits while still expecting the highest standards of accuracy and security.

An increasingly competitive marketplace demands innovative solutions capable of delivering all these benefits and more, while reducing the total cost of ownership. De La Rue’s Cobra® family of sorters sets the standard for desktop banknote processing, offering the convenience of modularity, the confidence that comes from its comprehensive detection performance, and the day-in, day-out productivity ensured by its proven banknote handling capability. All our authentication systems have been specifically engineered to meet the needs of all of our customers and can be upgraded to ensure compatibility with new banknote designs and security features.

Cobra Brochure
Cobra Brochure (Spanish)

Glory Gobal 8672 Note Counter

The Brandt 8672 is a high function, heavy duty desktop currency counter which provides currency specific authentication at speeds of up to 1,750 notes per minute (NPM). The heavy duty machine provides smooth, fast and reliable processing of banknotes and other documents, such as cheques. With a choice of three throughput speeds, the Brandt 8672 adapts automatically to individual note characteristics to ensure more constant counting, and is ideal for high volume note processing environments.

Easy To Use

The large LCD display and touch pad places the control of the machine at the operator’s fingertips. The wide document loading and removal trays allow notes and other securities to be input and removed quickly and easily.


The Brandt 8672 utilises minimal counter space and fits into any currency processing environment. Because of its convenient size, the Brandt 8672 can be easily transported.

Multiple Functionality and Options

Rogue note detection by height (SD) is standard. With currency-specific counterfeit detection options and three total levels the Brandt 8672 is suitable for use in cash centres, large retail operations and commercial deposit proofing and preparing centres.


Utilising the RS232 serial port, the Brandt 8672 can interface to other cash settlement systems and peripheral equipment, such as coin sorters, printers, PCs which enables complete cash reconciliation.

Glory Gobal EV8626/EV8650 Coin Sorter

The Glory EV8650 is a robust currency banknote counter and is the premium model from the EV86-Series of banknote counters.

It is ideal for users who require a highly accurate and efficient solution for processing medium to high volumes of currency or where high levels of banknote authentication and maximum machine flexibility are key.

Speed and Throughput

With a top speed of 2,000+ notes per minute (NPM) the EV8650 offers the highest levels of speed and throughput available on the market. This makes the Glory EV8650 the fastest note counter in the world!

The most efficient feed system

The EV8650 incorporates the unique Glory UltraFeed™ system which maximises the feed efficiency of the counter, ensuring that it consistently feeds all banknotes irrespective of design and quality of condition.

“Right first time, every time” accuracy

In field tests, Glory’s unique Mechanical Double Detection (MDD) technology is up to x100 more accurate than alternative systems, such as opacity. MDD accurately counts all banknotes even with different densities and excessive levels of dirt or staining.

Multiple Detection Options

The EV8650 supports a range of counterfeit detection systems, including multi-currencies:

  • UV (Ultraviolet)
  • IR (Infra-Red)
  • EMG (Enhanced Magnetics)
  • MTD (Metal Thread)
  • PPD (Paper Properties Detection) for US$
  • SMDS (Superior Magnetic Detection System) or €III detector​​

QuickChange Self-Service Coin Deposit Center

QuickChange™ gives users the freedom to process coin at their convenience, drawing more people to the branch and freeing tellers for other revenue-generating activities. An intuitive on-screen display guides users through the easy transaction steps, making it a fun experience for both adults and children.

Once the transaction is complete, a printed, customizable receipt is taken to the teller window to deposit into a new or existing account, giving children an early education on saving for the future, or convert into cash. By having clients process their own coins, you free staff from time-consuming coin processing, allowing them to be increasingly productive, promoting other products and delivering exceptional service. Based on the highly respected and proven MACH® sorting technology, QuickChange includes our Coin Signature Detection System™ (CSDS), coin auto-feed and debris cleaning station in a high-tech, space-saving design.

QuickChange Benefits

  • Increase revenue opportunities by attracting low cost deposits as well as optional transaction fees
  • Maximize capacity with 12 easy-access bags, with light indicators ensuring less downtime for staff and end-user
  • More than three times faster than other comparative units, sorting over 2,500 coins per minute
  • Eliminates third party charges to transport bins and sort mixed coins
  • Emphasize specific marketing messages through customizable graphic panel and optional overhead banner
  • Easy-to-use 2 button operation, with instructions in both English and Spanish